308 Klotski Puzzle Game

What Is Klotski Puzzle?

Huarong Dao Numeric Puzzle is a modern interpretation of the ancient Chinese sliding puzzle, drawing inspiration from the historical Three Kingdoms narrative. Named after a legendary escape, players engage with a grid featuring numbered blocks, tasked with rearranging them into a specific order. The 308 Klotski gameplay involves sliding blocks horizontally or vertically, strategically utilizing an empty space just like Mega888 Klotski Online Game.

With variations in rules—such as sorting numbers in ascending or descending order or achieving unique patterns—this puzzle challenges logical thinking and spatial awareness. Beyond its historical roots, the digital adaptation seamlessly merges traditional storytelling with contemporary gaming elements, making it accessible and enjoyable for a diverse audience. Huarong Dao Numeric Puzzle stands as a testament to the timeless allure of classic puzzles, providing an intellectually stimulating and entertaining experience for players seeking a harmonious blend of tradition and modern gameplay.

Sliding Rule

Players can slide number blocks to move them into the position of an empty space. Sliding can be done horizontally or vertically but cannot cross other number blocks.

Number Sorting

Players need to arrange number blocks in ascending or descending order.


Target Arrangement

The game specifies a particular target arrangement, and players must achieve it by moving number blocks accordingly.

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